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History of Public Conservation

Sadly our efforts as a nation are getting worse :(


Yellowstone became the first National Park in 1872

Other National Parks include Yosemite, Mesa Verde, the Everglades, and the Grand Canyon

Protection is established by the U.S. Government and the National Parks and Wildlife Services

27 U.S. states have national parks, with California having the most with 9

The Obama Administration:

Obama broke the record for establishing the most protected land in presidential history

22 additional national parks were established under the Obama administration

Despite backlash from oil and gas companies, Obama expanded millions of acres of land to be protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Service

Obama implemented internal initiatives, including prohibiting water bottles from being sold in national parks and pushing forward laws to protect marine life from fishing

The Current Administration:

Ryan Zinke, the Head of the Department of the Interior is looking to cut funding toward national parks by shrinking current borders

There is an astonishing increase in the number of government officials who deny climate change

Natural resources found within national parks will be sold privately

The tourism industry for the 27 states with natural parks is declining

Less land = less wildlife = less workers needed

27,000 Preserved Historic Structures
290+ Million Annual Vistors
84 Million Acres of Land
78 National Monuments

Our Mission

Protect Our Public Lands

With the Trump Administration and head of the Department of the Interior, Rep. Ryan Zinke, the threat to maintain our public lands, especially National Parks, is at an all time high.

As U.S. citizens, Empower Parks believes that we all have a social responsibility to ensure our public land receive proper funding for the protection of animals, natural resources, park employees, and local economic stability made possible by the U.S. National Park Service.

If we do not take action now:

  • Resources will be exhausted for captial gain
  • Wildlife will be displaced or killed
  • National tourism industry will decline

We Want You!

Help us build awareness of this issue

How to build awareness?

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  3. Most important: Become a Member, all proceeds will be donated to keep our public lands beautiful and thriving.


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